Our forklifts provide a quality alternative, cost-effective option and can be tailored to a term that is beneficial to our customers operational requirements. Whether it be just for the day, weekly or monthly, we have a machine for you. Our fleet of forklifts are well maintained, reliable and safe with a service schedule in place to minimize your downtime. We also supply a prompt pickup and delivery service.

Short term forklift hire benefits businesses that don't need a forklift full time, but require one during their busy period or when a forklift needs to be serviced or repaired. Short term hire can help you keep productivity at its optimum level and reduce down time which can be costly to your business.

Renting gives you the confidence to budget for handling your product. Fixed cost rental with tyres, breakdowns and all scheduled servicing included. Renting a forklift for your operation is 100% tax deductible.


Hire with an operator may be the answer and a no hassle way to get the job finished quicker with our experienced licensed operators. All operators have the necessary tickets and paperwork needed to complete any job the customer requires.